Experienced sourcing service in China: furnitures, Carpets, slab bolsters, chairs, hardware, bronze-carving, Carving stone products, Soda and other chemicals(Silica sol, Sodium chloride, sodium silicate, Methanol……), Steel products(steel pipes, aluminum sheet, deformed bar), Cenosphere, Diamond blade, pebbles, Marble material for construction, Clothes including T-shirt, shoes and caps, Sausage machine, clothes hanger, fences, wire meshes, welding machines, nails, wires, flange, elbow head, slab bolster, black and polished stones/granite …… 

Inspection, QC, logistics

  • Visit the factory, find what they really are, to see if they are what  they claim they are;Talk to normal workers and managers; Sudden visit without informing them in advance;
  • Check quality during production, and after production/loading; make sure in the container they are the right products.
  •  Loading, land transport, ocean and air transport, custom clearance works 
  • Make sure the production meet the contract agreement. 


  • Translation, interpretation&coordination for meetings, exhibitions booth, factories visit, telephone interpreting in any city of China.
  • Translation for financial/legal/medical/subtitles/Novels/websites/emails.

Tour guidance and car pickup

  • We provide tour guidance services all over China. We will make your journey unforgettable.
  • Various cars are available for you to choose. Luxury or economic, big or small... with experienced drivers


  • China market research and analysis
  • Making reports comprehensively and intensively about different aspects of price trend, policy effect, products-portforlio, marketing strategy and so on. 

Customized services

  • The cooperation ways are flexible. We provide customized services. We are open to listen to what you need.

QC&loading inspection

As an independent third party inspector, we hold the principles of:

  • Being objective, factualism
  • Being incorrupt, we won’t accept any gifts or money from any party beyond contracts
  • Being high-efficient, always catch every one minute, finish job as soon as possible
  • Being on records, make clear records about every mission
  • Being economic, choose moderate hotels, inexpensive transport ways

Products sourcing

Medical equipments

Medicines, hospitals, Medical devices such as: drones, Autoclave, Laboratory 

centrifuge, hydrometers, refractometers, timers, stop watches, glassware...


New models of toys, watches, LED lights, UAVs, computers, safety tools, mobile phones, powder banks, pad, U-disks, shaver, polution air filter, fan, water boiler, hair dryer, humidifier, tea boiling sets, iron, rice cooker, water filter, hair curler, mosquito light, induction cooker, air conditioner, clothes dryer, washing machine ......

Hardware, metals

Hardware and metal products such as welding mesh, fence, nails, wire, stainless products, barbered wire, groun screw, slabs and chairs, casting irons...

Steel: galvanized alluminum plate, and coil, steel pipe, 

Plastics: construction protect mesh, plant mesh, animals net, ropes, pellets, bags

Cement, bricks, paint, glue, wooden products, tiles and flooring ......


Soda, crop protection, chelated nutrient&one stop solution for soil and plants;

 Sulfuric acid, chloridion, potassium sulphate, para ester, thionyl chloride...... 

 stearic acid, magnesium oxide, zinc oxide, phosphate,  rubber aging inhellobitor, vulcanizer 

 Concrete penetrates the crystallization water-proof agent,  anticorrosive waterproof solvent, road mending agent, concret sealer and solidification agent...... 


  • Clothes, bed sheets, hats, caps, pillows, sofa covers, curtains, sails, bags, carpets, mats, flooring, tiles, Jute materials, cotton materials ......


Cofee machinery, feed machinery, machinery fo wheat, rice, bean, penuts, potatoes, livestock, farming, agriculture, road construction and so on

Grinding, pelleting, pulverizing, roasting, cleaning, packing, coveying, silos, mixing, crushing, watering......

Tour guidance

Our aim is to provide you most impressive and interesting journey that is rich in local culture like customs, ancient buildings, arts and crafts, landscape, people with different background……  

Consulting service about marketing in China

Changing clients, adapting the marketing stragety

These days the customers are having more demands about goods, and having more speaking right. We help our clients adjust the products mix strategy, pricing and marketing ways to be adapted to China market.

Consistant developemnt strategy in new markets

Many companies find it hard to have consistant growth years by years.We help clients to explore their full potential. Analyze the special needs and locate the key succes factors.

Innovation in products and services

Having sharp insight to grasp the trend of demands from customers.Consistantly take the lead in new products in favor of end users

Employment, training, and emplyees' performance

Find the right person and put the in the right role. Adjusting policy of HR, payment, working time, bonus, company culture and so on.

Application of IT tools

New technology of digital electronic on mobile devices will help lower the running cost, and have an effective performance in many aspects.

It happens that the staff can work at home or cafe shop sometimes.