Translation&Interpretation services

Simultaneous interpretation in a cabinet for conferences


consecutive interpretation for meetings


Meetings, PPT explanation&details discusstion


Factories visit/ facility insepction/QC


Cooperation, negotiation, export&import business


Multi-language translation; contracts/ documents


Interpreters, translators&tour guides all over main land of China


Our mission is to offer businesses and individuals translations that capture not only the meaning, but the spirit of the source text as well. In the years that we have worked as a translation service provider, we have amassed a variety of experience through translating articles, marketing materials, websites, business documents and books and we are eager to put our experience to work for you. The varied nature of that which we are capable in the translation industry has created a unique yet marketable dimension to our offerings that truly separates us from the competition. Our attention to detail in every aspect of my business allows us to deliver a high quality product which is tailored to the specific needs of each client. We always welcome the opportunity to hear from new clients to discuss potential projects and assignments and it would be an honor to partner with you on your upcoming translation undertaking.



  • Whether you have big meeting with an international business partner or you are a law enforcement professional who needs to communicate effectively with a key witness in a foreign tongue, you can rest assured that we are the perfect team of professionals to help you pull off your next multilingual interaction with our interpreting services. 
  • Interpreting is very different from translation for a few very important reasons. Interpretation requires a professional who can think on his feet and deliver on the spot results and these qualities are exactly what I bring to the table. 
  • Our team years of experience in all types of interpreting such as medical interpretation between patients and doctors, telephone interpretation between foreign dignitaries and much more. We can assure you that our services are always provided in a more than professional manner and you can be certain that you won't miss out on one piece of vital information when having a conversation using one of us to do your interpreting. Below are some of the interpreting services we provide: 



  • If you are in need of qualified translation service provider, you couldn't have chosen a better place to start. Drawing from our many years of experience in the freelance translation industry, we have been able to hone our skills and channel our dedication to our passion for translating in a way that delivers solid and reliable results to our clients time after time.
  • Our expertise includes a wide range of freelance translating services such as document translation, legal translation, website translation and localization, audio and video translation, editing, proofreading and even interpreting.
  • We are able to keep our pricing competitive and you can rest assured that even though our pricing is negotiable, our commitment to prompt service and attention to detail never is. We do our best to stay attuned to our customers' needs by staying flexible and always being resourceful and cooperative from the start to finish of every contract. You can rely on the fact that we conduct ourselves as professionals in every sense of the word. We carry out our duties on time and ensure all texts are prepared, proofread and formatted just as our clients expect and you can be sure that you will receive exemplary translations which exhibit accuracy and sensitivity to subject matter, idiomatic phrasing and context every time.
  • Providing a polished professional product which exceeds our clients' expectations is priority number one. We understand that when my clients are satisfied with our work we are not only fulfilling a contractual obligation, we are building a longstanding partnership that will be mutually beneficial for a long time down the road.


How to select a translator?

When it comes to selecting a translator we often ask ourselves: what are the criteria to follow to find the right professional? This article sets out guidelines aimed at helping you to find the service provider that will satisfy your translation service needs. The article discusses basic selection criteria.

When cultural accuracy is a concern, it is crucial to ensure that the language the document should be translated into is the translator’s native language. A native speaker will usually not only have knowledge of the proper grammar but also of cultural nuances of the language. A translator must take these nuances into account to ensure documents are translated accurately.

Another important criterion is how well the translator knows the source language of the document. Even if the translator knows the target language very well, without in-depth knowledge of the source language of the document, he may not be able to capture the correct context and may translate the document incorrectly into the target language.

If you are familiar with either the source or target language of the requested translation, you may want to ask the translator to send you some sample work to determine if the translator meets source and target language criteria.

Many translators do not have any formal education. In your selection you may want to give priority to translators who have completed some type of linguistic training. This type of background often comes in useful when translating text with complex terminology. If the text for translation is related to a unique field, ensure that the translator has some experience working in this field. Very often field specific documents require knowledge of advanced vocabulary of which only a specialized translator may be aware.

When working with a translator, communication is one of the key elements for successful completion of your project. If the potential translator works full time, you have a better chance of communicating with him more effectively. Part-time translators may not respond as quickly as full time translators.

Why hire us?


·  Many years of experience as a translation service provider really set us apart from the pack.

·  Our organizational skills and great attention to detail will ensure that your project is completed on time and on task.

·  We work well under pressure and understand that deadline are not promises meant to be broken.

·  You can rely on us to be responsive to changes in scope and you will have our talent at your disposal.

·  We are also as experienced in editing and proofreading as we are in translation.

·  We are a team player and will be a joy to work with while completing your project.