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  • Interpretation&translation, China market research&analysis, products-sourcing, suppliers evaluation, trip arrangement, loading inspection, QC, logistics arrangement, export&import coordination, tour guidance and car pickup services in all over China. 

  • Services cover all over China, such as: Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Tianjin, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Shijiazhuang, Fuzhou, Xiamen, Nanjing, Shenyang, Taiyuan, Yangquan, Hangzhou, Suzhou, Baoding, Anping, Taiyuan, Handan, Xingtai, Zhengzhou, Jinan, Yinchuan, Xi’an, Hengshui, Huanghua, Cangzhou, Dezhou, Wuhan, Quyang and so on.

  • We have worked for hundreds of clients from USA, Australia, Sweden, French, Holland, Germany, Austria, Canada, UAE, Greece, India, Pakistan, Indonesia, Slovakia, Belgium, Argentina, Brazil, Chilly and a lot other countries. So far our clients are impressed by our dedicated working attitude, first class language skill, flexible employment ways, trustworthy and reliable personality of our staff.

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Translation&interpretation, trip arrangement, car service, China market research&analysis, products-sourcing, 3rd party QC arrangement, loading inspection, suppliers&factories evaluation, logistics coordination......

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Being fast-responding, responsible, cost-effective, efficient, and most importantly truthful and honest.

We always look forward to a long term cooperation.

Some of former clients worldwide

- In December, 2018, 2 respectable customers from UAE ATD company came to procure tubes for power plants. Our interpreter  accompanied with clients  and together visited many suppliers including traders(who claimed they were manufacturers) and factories.  We provided independent opinion to them after visiting each Chinese company for their reference.  There are some common traits to good ones and bad ones if you are experienced. Finally customer placed an order worth harf a million USD to a real manufactuer in Changzhou, Jiangsu, and more orders will be placed in the coming days. 

- January, 2018, SinoGuider interpreter Jack accompanied with Chinese client-a chemicals design company from Shijiazhuang to India to visit the giant fiber company of Grasim who wanted to promot the quality of fiber and expand their current staple fiber production capacity;

- December, 2017, Clients from Israel visited Shijiazhuang Aircraft manufacturing factory discussing about the problems during cooperation, SinoGuider interpreter Jack was sent to help communication between the two parties;

- August, 2017, translation for Netherlands guest, Powercem Technology company, visiting Taiyuan Taisen company, about road construction cement additives; (Taiyuan translation)

- July, 2017, meeting translation for Ambassador of Grenada in Beijing; (Beijing translation)

- March, 2017, translation for Netherlands client, visiting Modern Cow Farm, Yili Farm, Mengniu Farm, about Rumen-treatment; ( translation in Hohhot, Yichang and so on)

- October, 2016, Humberto from Argentina, about Welded panels, expanded metal, gratings, filtering machines and so on. (Anping translation)

- August and September, 2016, Chris Charbonneau, Jay Zelazo from Canada and their team from USA, about Modified Off-road vehicles, in Alexa, Hooke Road in Yinchuan and Beijing; (Alxa translation)

- August, 2016, Justing Bragg, Client from Australia, about packing products(Shijiazhuang local Chinese interpreters);

·August 3rd-4th, Xingtai, clients of Arjun Soni and his father from India, about children bicycle and machinery; (Xingtai translation)

·July 8th, 2016, British client named Julian Skinner came to Linji Temple to study “Zen”(we provided Chinese interpreter personal tour guides locally)(Zhengding translation);

·2016-6.12, Translating for Mr Hase Douglas, General Director of AeroBalloon USA, inc, a business cooperation(purchasing) meeting in Beijing;( Beijing translation)

 ·August, 2016, clients from Canada, in Beijing, about Modified off road vehicles. Their vehicles - King of Hammer are the top ranking in this field in the world, and their vehicles are also for sale. (Beijing transaltion) 

·From May 20th to June 11th 2016, our interpreter went Kenya to work as interpreter and business assistant for Chinese investors in Kenya, Africa; ( Chinese translation in Kenya) 

·Apri, 2016, Mr Dotan Gilad, Ethiopia, Coffee machines; (Translation and sourcing in Changzhou, Linyi, Zhengzhou and so on)

·March, 2016, Michael Huseman, about Source Code cooperation with partner in Beijing;

·March, 2016, Mark Schwarts, about Slab bolster and scaffoldings. (Huanghua translation)

·Feb, 2016, Client Jeroen Mertens from Belgium, about Activation Carbon; (Yinchuan translators provided)

·Nov, 2015, Chile client Mr Benavente, about hardware of wire mesh, tarp, ropes and so on(We provided local Anping interpreters and smart China sourcing service);

·Sept 26th to October 23th, 2015, Translating for Longjian Construction company, about Bridge construction bidding project in Dhaka, Bangladesh; ( Chinese-English translation in Dakar, Bangladesh)

·Sept, 2015, The second time of Meeting translating for American Client Mr Carey Caldwell, in Jinzhou, Hebei; ( Jinzhou translation)

·August, 2015, Translation work in Wuji County in Hebei Province for an English leather chemical factory named RUK Chemical from England; ( Wuji, Shijiazhuang translation)

·July 14-15, 2015, Beijing and Tangshan, about steel products, meetings and negotiations, the client is a big American factory about hydraulic tool products; ( Tangshan translation)

·May 20-June 18, 2015,Worked as interpreter in Zambia for one month, about gold prospecting;

·April 24-26, 2015,Chilly client about red wine, Brand name is Villa Rosa, boss is Steven and Paulina, Wine exhibition translation; ( Zhengzhou translation)

·Mark Schwartz, NewYork, Alexa offroad hammer king, December, 2015-2016 and ongoing; Huanghua, Anping, about Metal hardware products, construction materials; ( Huanghua translation)

·Jorge – Finca Loranque, from Spain, May, 2015; Shijiazhuang; about Wine sales; ( Shijiazhuang interpreter provided, and we get Jorge a customer who purchased one container of his wine)

·Mr Shukla, Metworld company, Thailand client; March, 2015; 

·Johan Sch, South Africa, about nails, barbered wire, meshes; March, 2015(translation and China sourcing);

·Nathan, West OzReinforcements Pty Ltd, Austrilia, meeting translation, outsourcing; Shijiazhuang, Tianjin, 23th-25th, June, 2014;

·Julian Beever, famous 3D painter from England, Interpretation, Shijiazhuang, 15th-18th, June, 2014; 

·Tejpal Shah, President of metal company, Sangli, Maharashtra, India; Tangshan, Anping,  12th-14th, June, 2014. 

·Bangladesh-China Industry cooperation meeting, Presidential Beijing Hotel, Beijing, 10th, June, 2014;

·Mr Magdi Abdulaziz, Egyptian German Co; Xingtai, Hebei, May, 2014.

·Blue Bird Alloys, Shijiazhuang and Baoding, Indian customer, Mr Sagar Aggarwal (May, 2014)

Used metals scrap Xingtai baoding·Working as interpreter in Dhaka in Bangladesh about Jute Yarn and Jute bags industry (the second week of April, 2014) 

·Chuka, Nci Initiatives Ltd. , Festac Town, Lagos, Nigeri. Sourcing factory of LABSA 96%. (April, 2014)

·Interpretation work for an Italian chemical factory about leather chemical in Wuji County (March, 2014)

·Mr Parag H Shah, Mumbai, India, about Cenosphere outsourcing (January, 2014)

·Doctor Daan Van Uhm, Holland, research of Traditional Chinese Medicine  (Dec, 2013) (Anguo translation)

Mr Iftikhar Hyder, Bahawalpur, Punjab, Pakistan – BioDiesel/UCO outsourcing (Nov, 2013) 

·NewYork, Mr Milton Schneider, Circleglass Company (Oct, 2013) ( Taiyuan translation)

·Brazil, Leonardo Guimaraes, Fortaleza wiremesh, (Oct, 2013); (Anping translation)

·Chilly, Mr Felipe Benavente R, Vector S.A. Company (Oct, 2013) (Sourcing, consulting and translation)

·Los Angeles, US,  Miss Bowers, Cheeky Monkeys Company(Sept, 2013) ( Julu translation)

·Pakistan, Mr Mir Asad Waseem, Karachi Guar Gum Powder (August, 2013)

·India, Mr Sam, Lee&company – HDPE (June, 2013) ( Translation and consulting)

·US, Mr Lindahl, Nashville Cenosphere (Oct, 2012); (Sourcing and translation in Xingtai, Handan and Zhengzhou)

·Dubai, Mr Pindori, Easternstarsteel Compaby (2010-Now) ( Tianjin translation, sourcing and loading inspection)

·Austri, Mistelbach Remobic GmbH Ltd,- KEY CONSULT Unternehmensberatung (July, 2011)

·London Mr Tariq, chelsealifestyle Company (2012, 2013); (Translation, sourcing suppliers)

·India, Mr Viswan, MARS Corporation, Alagark**** Road,TH**** POST,MADURAI-14, India. (Nov, 2011; May, 2013) ( Pingxiang and Guangzong translation)

·Sweden, Jacobi Carbons International, (2013); ( Xingtai Pingxiang translation)

·Italy, GIANNECCHINI Real Estate company (2013) (Website translation)

·Canada client from Montreal. Paul Piacente, about Construction field- rebuilding old houses, diamond blade (2011- now, lasting) (Zhengding sourcing and translation) ......