Experiences and fields


 Hardware and metal products such as welding mesh, fence, nails, wire, stainless products, barbered wire, groun screw, slabs and chairs, casting irons...

Steel: galvanized alluminum plate, and coil, steel pipe, 

Plastics: construction protect mesh, plant mesh, animals net, ropes, pellets, bags

Cement, bricks, paint, glue, wooden products, tiles and flooring ......


Cofee machinery, feed machinery, machinery fo wheat, rice, bean, penuts, potatoes, livestock, farming, agriculture, road construction and so on

Grinding, pelleting, pulverizing, roasting, cleaning, packing, coveying, silos, mixing, crushing, watering......


 New models of toys, watches, LED lights, UAVs, computers, safety tools, mobile phones, powder banks, pad, U-disks, shaver, polution air filter, fan, water boiler, hair dryer, humidifier, tea boiling sets, iron, rice cooker, water filter, hair curler, mosquito light, induction cooker, air conditioner, clothes dryer, washing machine ...... 


 Clothes, bed sheets, hats, caps, pillows, sofa covers, curtains, sails, bags, carpets, mats, flooring, tiles, Jute materials, cotton materials ......


 Soda, crop protection, chelated nutrient&one stop solution for soil and plants;

 Sulfuric acid, chloridion, potassium sulphate, para ester, thionyl chloride...... 

 stearic acid, magnesium oxide, zinc oxide, phosphate,  rubber aging inhellobitor, vulcanizer 

 Concrete penetrates the crystallization water-proof agent,  anticorrosive waterproof solvent, road mending agent, concret sealer and solidification agent...... 


 Medicines, hospitals, Medical devices such as: drones, Autoclave, Laboratory 

centrifuge, hydrometers, refractometers, timers, stop watches, glassware......

Some clients' projects


Badlands car-racing resort


The mission is to develop the most unique, affordable Motorsports facility in North America. The development will be a country-club style resort that will feature a Europeanstyle road course just under combined track lengths of 6 miles in length and a non-spectator driving and instruction facility for amateur motorsports enthusiasts. The facility will consist of two independent road courses, which can be used in a variety of configurations, and will include a multi-configuration 1.0-mile min-course (Kart Track). Each road course will be constructed with adequate infrastructure, so it can be used independently and simultaneously. 

More details below, please download and check the PDF


Low price of PP carbon black

Our client from Israel once had a factory in Fresno, CA, US producing irrigation pipes, but now closed already. But there is some storage of raw material of PP Carbon black left used. 

Details as below: 

PP Masterbatch carbon black, 250 tonnes,
45%carbon black, melt flow index 10, 25 kilograms / bag,

Price is 900 USD / Ton; factory store price, excluding land transport and sea transport.....;


Also he has another 100 Tonnes of PP black color, special grade for pipe, melt flow index 0.5, recycled material but first class, 
Price 650 USD / Ton;

If you need samples feel free to contact me, and the samples are free but you need to pay for the post/transport fee; you can choose to buy whatever quantity you need, may be 1 ton, 10 tons, 20 tons, or more;

Feel free to go to see the store which is around 40 kilometers away from the city of Freso, CA, USA.


in Brazil- a seaside land looking for buyer

My customer from a big real estate company in Brazil wants to sell a piece of land on seaside, with beautiful view and good potential to develop


Custome from Pakistan wants to sell his Guar gum


A professional and famous design company from China in designing chemicals/fertilizers production lines is happy to work with more respectable clients from all the world


An experienced manufacturer of PVC flooring products from Tangshan in Hebei province wants to find more business partners in all the world. Competitive price, assured quality, and good service.

Some clients and friends

Customer from UAE


Customers from UAE are in need of high quality tubes and casting products for power plants

Client from Uruguay


Customers have factories manufacturing hardware in several countries in South America

Indian friends


Indian clients are importing window screen and have factories in India

Canada clients


A good client from Canada about modified off-road vehicles

Indian customers


Good Indian friend in Children bicycles business

American client


An American gentleman in the field of Cenosphere powder used for construction

Interpretation at the Embassy of Grenada